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Our 2022 Events Calendar has been released, and will be in digital form this year, rather than printed and mailed out to our members. You can download and print the full calendar yourself here , or keep an eye on the website for upcoming events.

4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Seminar 2

Exploring the "Mysteries of the Maintenance Release" (a much-misunderstood ...

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Federation Award for Jerry Trevor-Jones

The club was honoured on Sunday 27 March 2022 to see Jerry Trevor-Jones presented with a Royal Federation of Aero Clubs Australia Federation Award and Master Instructor Award! 🏆

Federation Award

In 1962 the RFACA instigated the FEDERATION AWARDS as a means of giving official and national recognition to Club Members and/or Employees who by virtue of their individual commitment over many years make an outstanding contribution to their Club. From the Nominations received the Executive of the Federation select up to three, or in special circumstances four recipients in any one year

The following guidelines are to be considered when nominating candidates:

  • The contribution made by the individual must be of a nature over and beyond what could normally be expected of an Aero Club member or employee.
  • The services rendered must have benefited the Aero Club movements as a whole. Significant contributions to one particular Club may be deem to have done this.
  • Contributions made or services rendered by an employee must be deemed to have benefited the Aero Club movement generally as well as the employer and also be considered to have clearly exceeded what could reasonably have been expected of an employee in the performance of his/her paid duties.
  • Length of service alone is not sufficient recommendation.

Recipients receive a framed certificate, a small set of gold wings and a medal.

Master Instructor Certificate

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minimum of 7500 hours in Flight Instruction including Flight Testing in VH registered aircraft.
  2. Holder of Grade 1 Instructor Rating for a minimum of 10 years.
  3. Must have been involved with the furthering of the profession of Flight Instructor.

Pilot Proficency Day – Sunday 13/2/22

We had a full program of participants undertaking the flight exercise with instructors David and Matt from Wardair. Pilots flew to Chifley Dam and then back via Mount Panorama simulating a typical joy flight you might do with family or friends.