COVID-19 Update (May 2020)

As quarantine restrictions ease the Club is starting to open up again. From Monday 1st June, the Clubhouse will be open to members.

The requirements for hand sanitizing and social distancing etc must be observed and your attendance at the Clubhouse must be recorded in the book provided in the entrance-way. Sanitizer dispensers are provided at several locations around the premises.

VH-BAC will also be available for use by members from this date. Members will be expected to take responsibility for cleaning the aircraft afterwards and sanitizer, wipes and gloves will be provided in the hangar for your use. 

CAUTION re the GTN 650 Do not clean the display surfaces with abrasive cloths or cleaners containing ammonia. They will harm the anti-reflective coating. Use a clean, lint-free cloth and anti-reflective lens cleaner only.

In both the Clubhouse and VH-BAC, you may only be accompanied by members of your immediate household. Live social events remain suspended and please, if you have any symptoms at all, stay home. This is still a long way from being over.