Masserati Levante S Launch

December 4-8 saw the Aeroclub used as a base to Launch the Maserati Levante S in Australia. The cars were housed in the club hangar, and the club rooms were used for information sessions and a general base.   We were very luck to be donated some new furniture for the club by the organisers.

Click on the video link below for one of the reviews done as a result of the launch including some video showing the cars in the hangar and on local roads.

Maserati Levante S 2018 Review


Annual General Meeting – 2018 Board Elected

Congratulations to our 2018 Board of Directors elected at the recent AGM.

* President – John Nicoll
* Vice President – Ed Collins
* Secretary – Frank Wells
* Treasurer – Jerry Trevor-Jones
* Directors – Catherine Fitzsimmons, David Druitt, John Marston, Mark Renshaw, Ian Johnson, Kingsley Picker.

Thank you to these folks for their willingness to accept the work and responsibilities involved in running the Club.

They are very much the same stalwart members who put their hand up each year, but would very willingly move aside for someone else who may be willing to have a go. There are several members who have indicated this is their last year, so the call will be put out during the year for some New blood on the board.

2017 Annual Awards

Our recent 2017 Annual Dinner saw the following members honoured by the club.

Michelle O’Hare, James Aldridge, John Downey (Alex Macarthur Shield,) Peter Begg (BAC/CWF Scholarship Winner), Kingsley Picker

* John Downey was awarded the Alex Macarthur Shield for outstanding progress in aviation.

An earlier scholarship winner, he is commencing his jet training at Williamtown RAAF base this month.

* Margaret Trevor-Jones and Chris Stott shared the Presidents Trophy for their contributions to the running of the Club.

* Michelle O’Hare – GA Pilot of the Year and Runner Up RA Pilot of the Year (Multi-skilled!)
* Rob Conroy – Runner Up GA Pilot of the Year
* John Marston – 3rd place GA Pilot of the Year (but fashion fail.)
* Kingsley Picker – RA Pilot of the Year.

* Thanks to Peter Sweeney for giving a dynamic description of the bombing of Darwin and Northern Australia in World War Two.
(Bigger than Pearl Harbour but nobody talks about it!)

* Thanks to the Quota Club ladies for a brilliant meal.